Classic tote bag. 100% certified organic cotton.

Black on white. Printed by hand with water-based inks.

50/50 This T-shirt Supports

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A man stands on hearts. A woman gives him a menacing look,  while holding flowers in her hand. The author, a minor from  Afghanistan, did not tell us what this means. The interpretation  lies with you, but we thought that the man walking on hearts is a mysterious yet liberating image of freedom and love.

Author from Afghanistan


50 Threads

50% of gross profits from the sale of each item shared with Legal Centre LesbosMytilini, Lesbos, Greece.

The Lesbos Legal Centre was established in the summer of 2016 to help refugees navigate their way through the labyrinth of legal procedures they enter as they set foot on the island of Lesbos, while advocating for the protection of human rights.

The funds raised through the sales of the “Lesbos Legal Centre” line will go towards making the Legal Centre sustainable whilst there remains a need for legal support on the island. In practice, this means having the resources to employ Greek lawyers, who are locally based and who can work in full capacity within the Greek system to make a real difference on the life of refugees.


Sustainability & Care


-Manufactured in fair working conditions

– 100% certified organic cotton

-Printed by hand with water-based inks without any toxic chemicals


How to take care of WALKING ON HEARTS?  

-Do not wash at a temperature higher than 40° C

-It is preferable to avoid ironing at a high temperature directly on the print, especially before the first wash. We suggest ironing inside-out.

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