Rolled sleeve round neck t-shirt. 100% certified organic cotton.

Black on white. Printed by hand.


50/50 This t-shirt supports:

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Asked to draw and cut out figures surrounding a theme of his choice, the author decided to explore images from his home country, Nigeria: a bird; a fish that “everybody likes to eat”; and a wooden mask typical from Edo state, in southern Nigeria. Here, people wear this mask, called “Fastek”, during a festival that takes place in December to celebrate their ancestors.


50 Threads

50% of gross profits from the sale of this item shared with Borderline Sicilia – Pachino, Italy

When asked about the difficulties encountered by the organisation, one of Borderline Sicilia’s members mentions both the growing climate of hostility towards migrants and asylum seekers, and lack of resources. After all, monitoring and legal work is no telegenic activity. Particularly, the crucial monitoring work that forms the basis for all other activities is carried out by volunteers who travel back and forth across Sicily on a daily basis to visit centres, gather direct testimonies, and then report their findings through the blog, newsletters, and social media. 75 € is the average daily cost for all Borderline Sicilia’s volunteers, including telephone and transportation costs. Through our dedicated line, Thrǣdable customers will be able to contribute to these reimbursements, thereby ensuring that Borderline Sicilia’s volunteers can continue their vital work of monitoring, reporting and advocating on Europe’s frontier, ensuring that the real stories of migrants and asylum seekers continue to be told.

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Sustainability & Care

MASK is:

-Manufactured in fair working conditions

– 100% Certified organic cotton

-Printed by hand with water-based inks without any toxic chemicals

How to take care of Mask? 

-Do not wash at a temperature higher than 40° C

-It is preferable to avoid ironing at a high temperature directly on the print, especially before the first wash. We suggest ironing inside-out.

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