Classic round neck T-shirt. 100% certified organic cotton.

Colours on white. Printed by hand.


50/50 This t-shirt supports:

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Asked to share a word that means something to him, this minor from Senegal picked a word he had recently learnt in his Italian lessons: Bella, meaning beautiful in Italian.

Author from Senegal



50 Threads

50% of gross profits from the sale of each item shared with AccoglieRete Onlus – Syracuse, Sicily, Italy.

In 2013, volunteers active in various civil society organisations in the city of Syracuse, Sicily, came together to try to fill a widening gap in the protection of unaccompanied migrant minors. They started providing legal guardianship to unaccompanied minors in the city, weaving a network of like-minded people that today counts over 150 volunteer legal guardians.

This network constitutes the core of AccoglieRete Onlus, which promotes a relationship of mutual understanding and friendship between guardians and tutees. AccoglieRete’s legal guardians are often citizens who perform the role on a voluntary basis and the cost of administrative paperwork can become considerable over the length of the guardianship period. In order to promote the role of voluntary legal guardians, AccoglieRete aims to provide support in the fulfilment of costly tasks that can become impossible for a guardian to sustain on his or her own.

The profits generated by the sales of Thraedable’s dedicated line will thus go towards making the vital position of the voluntary legal guardian a sustainable one.

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Sustainability and Care


-Manufactured in fair working conditions

– 100% Certified organic cotton

-Printed by hand with water-based inks without any toxic chemicals


How to take care of BELLA? 

-Do not wash at a temperature higher than 40° C

-It is preferable to avoid ironing at a high temperature directly on the print, especially before the first wash. We suggest ironing inside-out.

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